Commission a painting or drawing

If you are considering having a portrait made of your horse/dog/cat etc. and would like an estimate of the price:-
1. Send me the photographs you would like me to work from via email or the overland postal service. If you don't have the image you would like and wish me to take photographs for you, I will drive to most areas of Denmark to take photos for a negotiable price.

2. Look through the different pages on my website and decide which mediums and techniques interest you most. With the exception of acrylics, I use nearly all mediums: pencil, crayons, pastels (dry and oil), watercolour, gouache and oil paints. I use a variety of techniques in my work: In some paintings I aim to make a realistic/photographic representation of the subject, in other paintings I paint the energy I sense within and around the subject. 

3. Decide the approximate size of picture you want and the technique that interests you most. Once I have the reference you wish me to work from, I can give an estimate of the overall cost of the commission. 

4. Friends often collect money together for a joint birthday present. I which case, tell me the amount collected and I will find some options for you and your friends to choose from.

 5. Keep in mind that it takes longer to make a portrait of a dog with a curly coat than it does if the dog is smooth haired and even though the resulting portraits will be the same size, the price will reflect the hours of work. The same rule applies to a horse dressed for a competition, compared to one grazing in a field. A dapple grey takes longer paint than a black horse.

If you need more information please contact me via e-mail.